• CT16 17201-0L030 Turbo Charger 2KD 2.5L For Toyota Hilux
CT16 17201-0L030 Turbo Charger 2KD 2.5L For Toyota Hilux

CT16 17201-0L030 Turbo Charger 2KD 2.5L For Toyota Hilux

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Model: 4 Runner Car Fitment: Toyota
Toyota Condition: New Reference NO: C5613R, 49397536, 06-0529-G6, CA-H406, 060076G6 CertifiC-A-Tion: None
Car Model: For Toyota Hilux
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CT16 Turbo Chargers


17201-0L030 Turbo Chargers


2KD diesel turbocharger

Product Description

CT16 Turbo Charger 2kd 2.5L For Toyota Hilux 17201-0L030 Electric Turbocharger For Sale


Using a mechanical compressor or an exhaust operated turbine to force more fuel and air into an engine will produce a more powerful explosion. We look at the two main forms of forced induction.


Proportionally increasing the volume of air and fuel entering the cylinders to boost the efficiency and performance of an internal combustion engine can be achieved by using either an exhaust powered turbocharger or a mechanically driven supercharger. Both these devices are essentially automotive air pumps and work on the principle of increasing the density of the air entering an engine’s inlet manifold. Forcing more air into the fuel system than the descending pistons can pull in naturally greatly improves the volumetric efficiency of each cylinder and produces more power from each compression cycle than a naturally aspirated engine.

There’s nothing new about forced injection. Turbocharging and supercharging goes back to early part of the Twentieth century and was used to increase the efficiency of internal combustion engines used in ships, railway locomotives and aircraft. When it came to cars, forced induction was the preserve of high-end sports models for many years and during the late ’Seventies and early ’Eighties turbocharging took to the track in what turned out to be one of the most exciting periods in Formula One racing.


A turbocharger uses ‘free’ energy from the vehicles exhaust to spin a turbine connected by a shaft to an impeller that acts as compressor. This part of the unit forces ambient air into the intake manifold at an increased pressure and boosts the engine’s efficiency. The amount of exhaust gas entering the turbine is regulated by a vacuum controlled wastegate. This diverts excess exhaust away from the turbine, which in turn regulates the speed at which the compressor spins.

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